James Cotter – Movin’ on up

We were thrilled to see fellow Austinite and sponsored athlete, James Cotter, take 1st at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead. Cotter finished with a time of 3:53:19, 1:21 ahead of Rix (3:54:40), and Boulder’s Matthew White (3:55:22).

Cotter’s steady efforts this race season have really paid off. Take a look at his progression over the 2010 race season thus far:

1st Place- Steelhead 70.3
1st Place- Blue Norther’ Duathlon
2nd Place- Eagleman 70.3
3rd Place- Vineman 70.3
5th Place- Lubbock 70.3
5th Place- Lavaman Triathlon
8th Place- Rev 3 Half Ironman
10th Place- Galveston 70.3
12th Place- Wildflower Long Course Tri

Winning Steelhead is one of the most prominent victories of his career today. After struggling through the last couple race seasons, Cotter felt like one more poor season would solidify his decision to leave the triathlon world altogether. Fast-forward to today and we have a whole new athlete on our hands.

Trigger Point is proud to be a part of Cotter’s training and recovery plan, we like to think that myofascial release is the ticket to success.

” I’ve really been focusing on getting on the GRID every night for at least 10-20 minutes the past couple months and it is paying off. More range of motion and less injuries which has been key.”  – James Cotter

Way to stick with it through the tough times and come out on top Cotter! To read his full Steelhead 70.3 race report click here.


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