Michael Lovato at Timberman 70.3- Get Ready!

Michael Lovato is having an excellent race season so far and we’re looking forward to watching him race this weekend in Gilford, New Hampshire for the seventh time at Ironman 70.3 Timberman.

With a 2009 fourth place finish in Gilford, Lovato should be ready to break top three this year. To get a little idea of what he can expect in Gilford, check it out:

The Swim: fresh water lake swim in clear, blue Lake Winnipesaukee. The 70.3 Distance swim will be a GPS-measured 1.2 miles. The water temperature in August ranges from 70 degrees F to 77 degrees F.

The Bike: scenic out and back course with rolling hills. Most of course is newly paved with 6-10 foot shoulder. There are several challenging hills ranging from 3% to 9% grade. Watch out for the Marsh Hill Monstah! Course is not closed to traffic.

The Run: The run is a scenic course along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee with rolling hills. Look across the big lake, and see the majestic White Mountains.

We’re betting that all that rolling-out on the Trigger Point Grid will keep Lovato in tip-top shape and race ready! Stay posted for race results.

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