Studying Orthopedic Surgeon Backs Trigger Point

We just wanted to share this testimonial from a soon to be orthopedic surgeon. It’s always a pleasure to hear from our customers and we’re thrilled to see Dr. Jonathan Negus back to running and racing pain free!

“I have just gone online and bought nearly everything that I didn’t purchase in the hip dysfunction kit!

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the products. After speaking with you at length at GC marathon about my hip flexors, my painful piriformis and my dysfunctional calves, I used the hip kit for the few days before the marathon. As I reported to you in a previous email, although I didn’t have my fastest race by a long way (3;36), that was never on the cards due to being overweight (100kg) and undertrained. However, I suffered none of my usual crippling hip flexor pain that attacks me at 2/3rds of the way through any race of any distance. Even in my best physical shape when I ran 82 mins for a half, weighing 90Kg, I suffered terribly for the last 5kms with the hip flexors. I do not remember any running race or any game of rugby since the age of 14 when I didn’t get hip flexor pain that inhibited performance. So, the marathon was run, and unlike the previous 4 runs on the Goldie where I had the pain and then post race, my quads were rendered useless for a couple of days and I looked like a 90 year old man going up or down stairs, I was running up and down stairs the next day and all that week.

Anyway, the more impressive news for me is that this was not a one off. I have just run the City to Surf this weekend with little or no expectations of a good time as I have just spent 3 weeks in the UK where I ran once and I ate and drank far too much. At 101kg I was 13kg over my target race weight for a fast run and so I just wanted to enjoy the day and not hurt too much. Anyway, the competitive edge took over on the start line as usual and I was running with a few friends so we went for it. I was still expecting the hip flexors to blow-up on heartbreak hill and I would be left to just jog it in from there. Well, I ran hard. I was blowing but the legs felt good. I hit the top of the hill in 31 mins and realized that I still felt good. The legs kept going. I picked it up. I overtook all my regular running buddies and I ran it home in 60mins and about 15 secs. (official time not yet confirmed) That was a PB by 2 minutes. I had no pain at all in my legs even though I was blowing hard. I have not had more than a slight post race ache in the Quads of the level expected after a hard hill session. The best news is – NO HIP FLEXOR PAIN AT ANY POINT.

Once, I was still a little sceptical. Twice and I am a very happy runner. I am now forecasting some very enjoyable running in the next 12 months and have the inspiration to drop the weight again and try to crack 80 for the 1/2, 55 for the C2S and 3 hours for the marathon. It never seemed possible before because of the crippling pain. I am a runner reborn.”


Dr Jonathan Negus    MA Cantab MSc MBBS MRCS

PhD Candidate
Department of Orthopaedics
University of Sydney


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