Trigger Point- Taking off in Germany

Trigger Point’s Master Trainer in Germany, Thomas Korompai, is having incredible success teaching our methodologies across the globe. Read the latest update below on his first ever Ultimate6 Class.

“Me and my business partner opened a new personal training facility in the center of Munich and a big point in our philosophy is Trigger Point. I educated my three trainers in this facility and they work with passion with the products. Actually, a few weeks ago I held the first Trigger Point U6 Education Class in Munich and it was a big success. Everybody was happy with the new knowledge. Below you can find a picture of our class in Munich and another one from AP Mentorship in Dortmund.  Again, thanks a lot for giving me this knowledge of fascial relaxation. It is such a powerfull tool and I work every day with that tools and the methodology.”

Thomas Korompai
Personal & Athletic Trainer

It is such a cool experience for us to see that Trigger Point Performance Therapy is changing lives and opening minds around the world! To see a list of Ultimate6 classes available here in the U.S click here.

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