CrossFit Owner Loving Trigger Point

Trigger Point Performance is proud to support CrossFit and their athletes. FX TX CrossFit Owner, Dylan Gautreaux is hosting the CrossFit FX TX Games II in Allen, TX on Saturday, October 23rd. Competitive athletes from all over Texas will
compete in three divisions, Elite, Scaled and Masters (50+).  This will be a competitive day of workouts, food, and family fun. We are pleased to support this event for a group of athletes that use and love our products.

“I have used Trigger Point for almost one year, and it has been a valuable component in my CrossFit exercise routine.  My hip flexors and piriformis in particular were giving me trouble at times, and regularly working with Trigger Point at home, and before and after CrossFit workouts has helped me tremendously.  Without Trigger Point, I don’t believe I could workout as hard and as frequently as I can today.  Not only am I avoiding the problems with my piriformis and hip flexors, but my body recovers faster from workouts as a result of Trigger Point therapy following workouts.”

– Dylan Gautreaux, FX TX CrossFit Owner


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