Peak Pedal Performance

In a recent Men’s Health article titled “Power to the Pedal,” the importance of ankle strength endurance for efficient force generation is discussed. As fatigue sets in, a cyclist can fail to properly stabilize his ankle. This leads to suboptimal alignment, which results in power loss and compromises in the muscle tissue. Restoring elasticity in the lower leg with Trigger Point Performance tools allows the ankle to maintain the needed 90-degree position, which allows the body to transfer power evenly through the biomechanical chain with efficiency and effectiveness.

Trigger Point Performance Therapy has worked with the top athletes in the world- teaching them how to capitalize on their strengths by addressing dysfunctional movement patterns and creating tissue tolerance. Through Myofascial Compression Techniques we restore muscle elasticity and length tension relationships, improving fluidity and force production while allowing the body to freely move without pain.
This allows the tissue to tolerate the demands the athletes are placing upon themselves while counteracting the traditional elements of life (such as poor posture while sitting and standing) that exacerbate movement dysfunctions and ultimately lead to compromise.

In our new Bike Fit Assist Program launching later this year, we will define how to fit the body to the bike instead of the traditional methods that attempt to fit the bike to the body. We will identify and address key areas of the body that will allow pro cyclists and enthusiasts to take the fulcrums and lever of the body as efficiently as possible through each phase of the circular stroke pattern. Through tissue tolerance and optimal biomechanics you will Release Your Strength, unleashing the potential you never knew you had.


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