USA 7’s Rugby Team Using the GRID

The USA 7’s Rugby Team are on the brink of going full time professional and are going to be given financial support by the Olympic Committee as rugby recently was accepted back into the Olympic Games for 2016 after 80 years of being in the wilderness. USA are the current gold medal holders, they won the last 7’s rugby gold in the late 20’s or early 30’s, this is not know by many in the US as the sport died off after it was pushed out of the summer games all those years ago.


The rugby world cup is the third most watched sport in the world after the soccer world cup & the Olympic games, more then any other US sport. For this exact reason the OC have brought rugby back into the fold and it will be one of the most watched events at the games in 2016.


Three weeks ago the US 7’s squad had a 4 day selection training camp at the Olympic Training Center in San Diego, 30 players were invited and put through their paces in scorching heat. The weekend was brutal with testing, field sessions, tactical sessions and allot of time spent on their feet. Greg Commins, Director at Athletes Performance, brought along 7 Grid foam rollers that were laid out at every session, the players jumped on them as soon as they were laid out. Because of the nature of the sport recovery sessions are vital, rugby athletes are referred to by many as modern day gladiators as they smash each other to pieces WITHOUT PADS!!! With all the trauma the body takes during training and a game the Grid rollers really did assist with the recovery sessions players had each day.


Click the image below to see what the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and Athletic Trainer had to say about the Grid and the benefits of foam rolling for their athletes.

Check out the USA 7’s Rugby Team rolling out!

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