What Makes a Triathlete More Economical?

Well for starters, biomechanical efficiency.

Mark Evans has an interesting article on Xtri.com which lends itself to the Trigger Point Performance Therapy philosophy that by maintaining elasticity and mobility in joints, you are going to help the body’s propulsion while also maintaining structural integrity. Simply put, increased mobility in the joints means increased efficiency. An athlete with the ability to move faster or conserve energy more effectively is a more economic athlete.

As Mark describes at length in his article,

“More improvement comes from the efficiency of movements than any other aspect of training. It’s all about economy and learning biomechanical adaptation to ultimately achieve better movements. And there is no better way than working on the development of stability, mobility and technique first and foremost.”

Stability, technique and mobility affect energy costs and can lead to overuse and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. By incorporating mobility, stability and technique practice as a core element of training regimens, athletes will likely realize even greater performances.

Trigger Point Performance tools are specifically designed to address key areas of the human body which should be targeted to maintain elasticity and mobility. By using Trigger Point’s deep tissue massage tools and methodologies, athletes are able to achieve peak performance out of the muscles and joints used every day in training.

To read Mark’s full article on Xtri click here.


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