Capitol 10k Detailed Recap

As mentioned previously, Team Rogue Elite had an incredible showing March 27, 2011 at the Capitol 10K here in Austin, TX with Scott MacPherson winning the 10k overall in 29:58! First place women went to Allison Macsas, who won in 34:52. Fellow Team Rogue Elite members Joe Thorne, Chris Gowell, Scott Rantall, Erik Stanley, Kara June and Dacia Perkins all finished within the top ten of the male and female divisions.

Team Rogue Elite member Dacia Perkins finished in 8th overall for women with a 36:33.

“The Cap 10k was my first race since being pregnant. I was nervous, but also very excited to put a Rogue jersey on for the first time. The plan was to run relaxed, progressively get faster, and use the results as a benchmark in my training. The race went well and I was pleasantly surprised with how great I felt, thanks in part to Trigger Point, which is a key part of my warm-up and recovery.”

Team Rogue Elite member Alison Macsas finished first in the women’s category, beating her own expectations of the race.

“After months of marathon-focused training, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I headed into Cap10K. Luckily the high mileage has made me strong, and it really helped me take on the hills and all the way through to a big PR. Breaking the tape with nearly thousands of Austinites cheering on the sidelines was a fantastic feeling!”

Overall winner and fellow team member Scott MacPherson echoed many of Alison’s feelings.

“I have been looking forward to this race for seven months [since graduating from the University of Arkansas]. I was surprised and impressed by the amount of people on the course as well as the amount of people athletes running it. This was a truly fun and memorable day. Now I have the USA Championships and the Olympic Trials in January; that is a huge focus for me.”

Congrats one last time to all of the Team Rogue Elite athletes who raced on Sunday, as well as all the Trigger Point users out there that were able to have a fun and fast race!


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