Tech Talk: Myofascial Compression Techniques and Trigger Point Therapy

Are You Manipulating Correctly?

Myofascial Compression Techniques are utilized to improve performance and recovery by restoring proper length tension relationships and muscular elasticity. To maximize the benefits of myofascial compression techniques, proper application of the Trigger Point Performance Therapy education and use of the tools is crucial.

As with any performance or therapy program, many people will go through the motions without being mindful of how the body is being affected. Improper application of myofascial compression techniques and improper use of the TPP tools can limit desired results and prove to be counterproductive. Being conscientious of programming and technique during manipulations allows the body to respond efficiently to each manipulation.

Common mistakes:

• Using TPP tools on a slick surface, or a surface with too much give

• Moving too fast or too slow through a manipulation

• Choosing the wrong TPP tool for a manipulation

• Addressing a condition in the incorrect order

• Incorrect application of defined programming

• Positioning or using the TPP tool on the incorrect area

Target Area
• Rolling over bony prominences

• Keeping the muscles tight during a manipulation

• Holding the breath, mouth breathing or improper breathing pattern

Trigger Point Performance Therapy provides a unique, systematic approach to addressing wellness, sports performance and rehabilitation needs. As an education-based company, we offer ongoing support and education through our website and Education Department. For educational information or questions not addressed on our website, contact


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