FYI: What are the SCW Mania’s all about?

SCW? Mania? What are you talking about? Why is Trigger Point involved?

SCW is short for SCW Fitness Education. SCW Fitness Education is an educational-based institution that remains committed to providing the finest instructors’ education programs, fitness certificates and continuing education DVDs/videos in the world. SCW has produced almost 400 DVDs and is the largest producer of fitness instructor training DVDs in the world. Additionally, SCW has produced numerous instructional and workout DVDs to companion QVC and in-home fitness products.

SCW Mania SCW offers seven regional Fitness, Personal Training, Mind-Body, Cycling & Aquatic Conventions per year: PHILADELPHIA MANIA (January/February), CALIFORNIA MANIA (March), FLORIDA MANIA (May), ATLANTA MANIA (July), DALLAS MANIA/THRSA (August), MIDWEST MANIA (October) and BOSTON MANIA (November). Trigger Point attends all seven Mania events.

While at the Mania events, Trigger Point Therapy is able to educate people about the company, the products and how you can use them. Trigger Point often will offer Ultimate Six classes and SMRT-Core classes that are available to all attendees. Check out the Trigger Point Ultimate Six and SMRT-Core class videos to get a good feel to what the Ultimate Six and SMRT-Core classes are all about.

The next Mania event is in Florida, May 13-15th! If you are interested in attending, register HERE.


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