Focus on Sponsored Athlete: Kristi Johnson!

Triathlete and marathon runner Kristi Johnson is the one of the newest endorsers for Trigger Point Performance, an Austin-based provider of therapeutic fitness tools and training.

Johnson, who is about to set off on a two-month trip to compete in various pro-qualifiers across the country, says she first developed a relationship with Trigger Point Performance through her coach, Ryan Riell, of Break Through Multisport and Break Through Elite Racing.

“We discussed the benefits of the technology and the help it would provide to furthering my racing and professional career,” Johnson said. “I tried the different tools Trigger Point Performance had to offer and was immediately hooked. As we say every day: ‘It hurts, but it hurts so good’.”

Johnson explains her partnership with Trigger Point Performance is an important part of her injury prevention and recovery process.

“I suffered a calf injury in the early part of the season,” Johnson said. “After that, I used my Trigger Point Performance quad and calf rollers multiple times every day and was able to get back to racing and training in a shorter period of time than expected.

“I have also been able to use the ‘Grid’ on my lats and IT bands to increase flexibility in the swim and enable me to run harder, farther, longer. The Trigger Point Performance massage balls work wonders on my shoulder blades and any little area that gets tight. I actually carry them around with me everywhere I go, just in case. I use the products daily to avoid injury and to do what I can to prevent problems before they arise.”

The line of products are designed to imitate the pressure of a human hand, deeply massaging the belly of the muscle and providing long-term relief for aches and pains in the body.

Johnson is currently preparing for back-to-back triathlons in Austin, Chicago, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Northern California – and Trigger Point Performance has equipped her with several products for her journey.

In return for the products she receives from her sponsor, Johnson writes a note weekly on Facebook and Twitter; a race report on the 15th and 30th of the month; and promotes the company on her racing suit and triathlon race tops.

“Trigger Point Performance is a staple to my success. They supplied me with the equipment for success and now it is my job to succeed.”

Johnson boasts an impressive athletic resume already. She has finished among the top 1 to 5 percent of every triathlon race she has entered in the last six years, and in the top 15 percent of all finishers at the World Championships of Triathlon in Australia in 2009. She won the overall title for the Prospector Triathlon in October of 2010. Additionally, she has completed multiple marathons, with a personal best of 3:02.

“Kristi is a phenomenal athlete – one we are proud to support,” Jessica Alexander of Trigger Point Performance said. “We’re looking forward to May 25, when she’ll be here in Austin, competing in the in the CapTex Triathlon. She has an incredible journey ahead of her and we’re glad to part of it.”

Congrats to Kristi and welcome to the family!


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