Show Recap: Trigger Point at SCW’s Florida Mania

This past weekend was one of the best weekends in recent history for Trigger Point Therapy! We sent a hard-working staff to Orlando, Florida to show SCW Fitness’s Florida Mania crowd what U6+ and SMRT-CORE are all about. Jamie Howell, SMRT-CORE Training and Program Manager, presented SMRT-CORE Movement and SMRT-CORE Max classes to packed ballrooms all weekend long. Various group fitness instructors and personal trainers attended the sessions to learn more about the programs.

“They were amazed at how effective the combiniation of self-myofascial release, myofascial sling training and functional movement is, ” said Howell. “To train the body as an integrated system designed to move as a unit, while providing the body with a SMRT-massage, allows us to get a total body workout while alleviating dysfunction and pain. Look for more SMRT-CORE presentations at upcoming Manias and Fitness Events!”

Were you there? Did you wish you went? Check out the photo gallery below to check out all the fun we had!


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