Spotlight on Trigger Point Sponsored Athlete: Payam Saljoughian

Payam Saljoughian is 24-year-old marathon and ultramarathon runner living in San Francisco, CA. He has been active his entire adult life; he was a swimmer all four years of college, and team captain his senior year. After college, Payam made the shift to running. His first race of any distance was a marathon.

Over the next two years, Payam took running very seriously and was able to drop his times and increase his distances considerably. The summer of 2010, Pauam was first overall in two 50k ultramarathons and finished 10th overall in the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 miler. He also won the Dick Collins Award for fastest overall rookie (first time 50 miler). In April of 2011, Payam ran the Oakland Marathon and finished 8th overall with a time of 2:48.

“This was a best time but not a good race for me as I died the last few miles. This summer I plan on tapering for another road marathon with a goal time of low 2:40s,” said Payam recently.

On May 1st of 2011, Payam competed in his first triathlon in a few years, the Moraga Treeline Triathlon. Because of his strong background in swimming and running, Payam mentioned that he has strongly considered making a shift to triathlon. As this sprint triathlon is in his hometown, he thought that this would be a fun race to do, just to see where he stands in triathlon.

“It was a reality check though,” Payam stated. “I realized that I am just not anywhere near the biking shape I need to be to be competitive. I had the fastest swim and run times so my overall result was decent. However, next fall I plan on putting on some serious mileage on the bike to make the transition to triathlon. The race was a little bit of a disappointment for me, but overall, was a good learning experience.”

Payam-you still impress us with your hard work and results (3rd place overall in the entire race). Remember that the hard work will pay off with the results you desire!


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