Trigger Point 2011 European Summit, Day 2

“Today was the second day of Trigger Point’s 2011 European Summit in Amsterdam. It is has been a tremendous opportunity to connect with the people responsible for how Trigger Point’s products and education are understood abroad. At the summit we have 45 people representing 13 different languages around the world. Their commitment to travel and learn about Trigger Point’s sales and marketing efforts inspire confidence. Our Trigger Point and SMRT-CORE programming is truly awe inspiring. The response has been beyond positive and each trainer and distributor recognizes that Trigger Point and SMRT-CORE programming truly compliments the products and education with which they are already currently working.” -Matt Haney, Director, International Business.

Today during the U6+ Level 1 Master Training sessions, we got a very positive response to the awesome demo videos that our creative department, J.J. and Olga, created. Teaching the U6+ programming to such a diverse group of fitness industry professionals has really shown us the value presenting our education through multiple formats and allowing everyone to interact as they learn.

“The diverse group of SMRT-CORE Master Trainer candidates consisting of 15 sport performance specialist, personal trainers and group exercise instructors each had a very unique way of interpreting the micro-cycles and exercise development. They are all hurting and preparing for tomorrow when they will present to the group.” -Jamie Howell, SMRT-CORE Programming and Development Leader.

We are excited to continue the summit and share more. Stay tuned for more pictures, videos and details around the event as well as how we introduced the TP GRID to people of Amsterdam.

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