Spotlight on SMRT-CORE Master Trainer: John Williams!

John Williams is a new SMRT-CORE Master Trainer hailing from England. John also competed in Ironman Frankfurt this past in a total time of 10 hours and 11 minutes! BIG CONGRATULATIONS JOHN!

When John isn’t training for Ironmans, he works at Health, Fitness, Performance Personal Training in Hertfordshire, Great Britain. John holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. Over the years John has expanded his skills in a continual effort to maximise options and results for his clients. John works in various capacities as a fitness presenter/educator, personal trainer, sports massage therapist, triathlon and swimming coach. John is well-recognized in the Industry as a fun and passionate expert who leads by example.

Continually competing in Ironmans reminds John that the seemingly impossible can be achieved with belief and commitment. One of John’s life ambitions is to complete all Ironman races, of which there are 24 around the world. John would also like to still be racing when he is over 60! To date John has completed Ironmans in Australia, UK, France, Florida, California, Mexico, Austria and Arizona. In 2011 John will be aiming to qualify for the Ironman World Championships by competing in Ironman Frankfurt, Ironman Wales and Ironman Cozumel.

John recently attended the SMRT-CORE Master Training Course in Amsterdam, where his knowledge and abilities were impressive. John’s enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the training was remarkable, and his coaching and program design skills were top-notch.

Trigger Point Therapy’s SMRT-CORE Programming and Development Lead, Jamie Howell recently said “We were further impressed when John submitted two SMRT-CORE Micro Cycles for our SMRT-CORE video library (coming soon). John is a true asset to Trigger Point Performance, and we are proud to have him as part of our team in the UK.”

To read more about John and HFPT, visit his website at
Check out these sample videos from our upcoming SMRT-CORE video library!


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