Video of the Day: Have you heard about SMRT-CORE yet?

Have you heard about SMRT-CORE yet? LENGTHEN, STRENGTHEN, INTEGRATE! MYOFASCIAL TOTAL BODY TRAINING using an integrated, inhibitory, strength training process. Each Micro Cycle is designed to train myofascial lines and the myofascial slings of the core while focusing on specific muscle groups. SMRT-CORE trains the body as an integrated unit with core integration and functional stabilization: MOVEMENT WITH PURPOSE.

Check out the video below to learn more about SMRT-CORE! More videos coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Video of the Day: Have you heard about SMRT-CORE yet?

  1. I had the opportunity to be a staff assistant for Jamie at Atlanta MANIA. Her presentation was the first presentation of the day and she truly raised the bar of expectation throughout the day! I’ve followed you guys since last year and I’m always amazed at how much more I learn with every post. I look forward to the group training/group ex program she mentioned. I will be sharing this link with all of my Zumba folks, especially since there’s a WHOLE lotta hip action and I see potential grid purchases! Too bad I can’t make a commission off all this recommeding 😉 Keep doin’ your work, we need it!

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