Spotlight on Trigger Point Therapy Sponsored Athlete: Gavin Anderson

Gavin Anderson is a new Trigger Point Therapy Sponsored Athlete hailing from Louisville, CO. 2011 is Gavin’s first year racing as a Triathlon Pro after only 3 previous triathlon seasons under his belt! Also, Gavin found out last week that he qualified for the Ironman World Championship 70.3 in Las Vegas, NV next week! CONGRATS GAVIN!

Gavin juggles being married, having two young children (ages 5 and 8 ) and training and racing very well with “a lot of time management.” He admits that he loves traveling and for him, being able to race and travel to new places is an experience he relishes as his family gets to enjoy it together.

“My daughters are learning the sport and love to watch their dad compete,” said Gavin recently. “ ‘Go, Daddy, Go!’ is all the motivation I need. Our goal is to teach our children to live a healthy and active lifestyle throughout their childhood and beyond.”

Gavin got into triathlon from a background of growing up in an active household, citing his father as an inspiration and role model. His dad was a triathlete for over 14 years and a swimmer in college; the athlete gene was passed to his two younger sisters as well. His younger sister is an Elite triathlete and a member of Team Timex. His younger brother is on scholarship swimming at the University of Illinois-Chicago and is just getting started in the sport of triathlon. Gavin also swam in competitively in high school and college.

After watching his little sister competing for a few years in triathlon, in 2008 Gavin tried Triathlon as he was not wanting to be the one watching but rather competing, as well. Gavin mainly focused on the Olympic distance and 70.3 races; 2011 is his first year racing in the Pro division. He knows he has plenty to learn and room to grow as he begins to compete against the biggest and best in the world.

Gavin’s favorite Trigger Point Therapy products are the Footballer, the Grid and the Massage Ball. He uses the Footballer on his calves and lower legs along with the Baller Block after hard runs sessions or after races. The Grid is something Gavin uses after his hard bike sessions and races.

“The Grid is great for the quads and glutes which always seem to need some good rolling after biking. The Massage Ball is my shin splints worst enemy. I love it though and use it after almost every run to work the outside of each of my shins as well as the arch of my feet. I feel like this season using all of these Trigger Point products have helped me recover faster and most of all prevent me from getting injured throughout this season.”

Congratulations to Gavin on all of his work and good luck to him next week in Las Vegas! To read more about Gavin and his racing accomplishments, visit his blog at:


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