BEXRunner Sponsored Athlete to Race XTERRA World Championships this Weekend!

5x World Champion Triathlete Conrad “The Caveman” Stoltz will not be empty-handed when he crosses the finish line at this year’s XTERRA World Championship in Maui. In fact, he’ll be holding his secret weapon – the BEX Runner – to close out the race.

The BEX Runner is a 3oz, reusable hand-held cooling device that removes heat from the body, improving performance and delaying fatigue. Conrad, who is at the front of the cooling strategy trend in the endurance realm, has been relying on the BEX Runner ever since he first used it at the XTERRA South West Championship, where he won a record-breaking 38th event.

“When racing in the red zone, keeping your body cool is critical to maximize performance,” Conrad said. “BEX Runner’s palm cooling technology is an outstanding method of keeping race pace temperature under control.”

“Fatigue is something every endurance athlete encounters and it is caused by the body’s struggle to remove heat. Eventually everyone slows down. ” Brett Warner, VP of Trigger Point Performance Cooling and developer of the BEX Runner said. “The BEX Runner improves the body’s ability to remove heat and is designed to delay fatigue.”

The BEX Runner is the premiere product in the Trigger Point Performance Cooling line, which launched in September. It is the first of many cooling devices to come. For more information, visit


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