Holiday Season? Gift Ideas? Of Course Trigger Point Therapy has you Covered!

Not sure if you’ve heard already, but The GRID has been selected as a finalist by for 2011 Giftee Awards under the category “Best Fit & Healthy Gift.” We here at Trigger Point already know The GRID makes an EXCELLENT gift, but what about your spouses, children, coaches, teachers, trainers, clients, etc?

Vote now before November 18th at and perhaps we can see The Grid in every stocking at the end of the year (we can dream)!

If you happen to already have the Grid, or you are looking for a different type of targeted self-myofascial release, check out our U6 Kit! We got a great review of it at! Did we mention it’s super portable and with proper use, will cut back on the amount of visits you make to your massage therapist?!

Finally, if you need something ultra-portable, and not to mention a COOL product, check out our BEXRunner! Read more at If it’s good enough for an XTERRA World Champion, you can bet it’s going to work for you as well!

IF you need any more gift ideas, visit our online store at!


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