Proper Hydration (It is a do or die thing for todays athletes)


Proper Hydration (It is a do or die thing for today’s athlete)

At the same time many are beginning to dust off the bikes and running shoes to explore the beauty of Spring, the temperatures take the ascent from spring cools to summer highs, and before you know it, the heat will once again be playing a big factor in how you plan and accomplish your workouts.  Here at Trigger Point Performance, deep in the heart and heat of Texas, we know too well the importance of proper hydration for successful workouts.

Proper hydration is necessary for cardiovascular function, thermoregulation, metabolism, central nervous system function (Murray, 2007), and can combat fatigue as well as enhance performance (Maughan, Shirreffs, & Watson, 2007).  To ensure you are getting enough hydration, base your intake on the general formula of 1 ounce per 2 pounds of body weight.  Also, always increase your intake according to your activity level.

One of the best indications of hydration is the color of your urine.  Monitor your hydration by using a mental “pee chart”.  Light urine indicates that you are well hydrated, while at the opposite side of the spectrum, dark urine means that you need hydration and possibly need to seek medical attention.

An important aspect of proper hydration is intake of electrolytes.  Electrolytes are critical for optimal performance and health maintenance (Rehrer, 2001).  Electrolytes can be viewed as the “cogs” for the “wheel” of water and nutrient movement within cells.  Sodium and potassium trigger water movement in and out of the cells.  We suggest using an electrolyte supplement for active hydrations.  These are easily portable and simple to use. They are formulated with a balance of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Remember, stay hydrated and stay active.  Monitor your water intake, supplement with electrolytes, and use your mental “pee chart” to determine if you are getting adequate hydration for your activity.

As our CEO, Cassidy Phillips puts it,  we turn our bodies more into beef jerky than we do a supple steak, so monitoring your hydration is imperative to your athletic success.

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