Cool Point™ Ready to Revolutionize Athletic Performance

Trigger Point Performance releases new Cool Point™ device

now available for purchase in stores and online.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Tuesday, April 10, 2012 – Trigger Point Performance, an industry leader in therapy products, is re-branding its Cooling Division with the launch of Cool Point™.  The Austin based company continues to stay at the forefront when it comes to the value of cooling products on the overall health and stamina of athletes.  Cool Point™ is an innovative product that keeps athletes cooler by reducing the mental and physical stress that heat places on the body.

“We are cooling the body to regulate the mind,” said Trigger Point CEO Cassidy Phillips, “In the world of sport, heat is one of the elements we all have trouble dealing with.  Once fatigue sets in, effects are irreversible and slowing down is imminent. Personally, I no longer have to worry about if the conditions are going to get me; all I have to do is worry about my training.”

The re-branding from the BEX Runner to Cool Point™ includes a few upgrades: improved gel for up to 50% longer cooling time, lighter strap for comfort, dual sided mesh for improved cooling, and instant recognition with the Trigger Point logo front and center.

Trigger Point Performance acquired Cool Palms LLC in August, 2011 and it became the catalyst for the new Cooling Products division.   Since then, the Trigger Point team has been working with experts around the country to perfect an ergogenic aid to exercise.  Trigger Point has built a reputation for performance technology that athletes use before (Pre-Gen) and after (Re-Gen) exercise, and with the release of Cool Point™, athletes will have the opportunity to use the most cost-effective personal cooling device on the market.

“Cool Point™ out performs other palm cooling strategies such as carrying a water bottle or holding a Ziploc baggie of ice,” said Brett Warner, VP of Cooling Products for Trigger Point Performance, “ Cool Point™ is designed for comfort; it is held to the palm and the user does not have to hold it.  Cool Point™ is light-weight (under 5oz) and it does not distract from a normal running motion, like holding a water bottle.  The design allows the user full use of their fingers, which makes tying shoes and changing a song on an iPod seamless.”

A new study from the researchers at the Stanford University Medical School shows that staying cool—and keeping more comfortable—may be the key to getting people to exercise successfully.  According to, Dr. Stacy Sims at Stanford University, palm cooling “works to reduce the sensation of being overly hot and sweaty.  It gives people positive affirmation to keep going.”

Dr. Sims most recent study presented to the American Heart Association in March 2012 recommends palm cooling as a practice to help women stick to their exercise program.  Results of her 12-week study showed the test group that used palm cooling shaved 5-minutes off of their 1.5 mile walk, reduced their waist size by an average of 3 inches, lowered their resting heart rate and increased their exercise heart rate; compared to the control group that showed no major changes.

Cool Point™ will be available for purchase April 4th in Specialty Running Stores and online at  Retail price is $19.99.

About Trigger Point Performance:   Trigger Point Performance is a life-enhancing brand concentrating on empowering people with revolutionary methodologies and patented products that maintain, regulate and stimulate the muscular movement of the human body.  Our mission is to provide the most practical style of products, education and therapy to be used by anyone in need of a lifestyle change, performance enhancement or general wellness.  Trigger Point Performance has successfully become the leaders in personal performance care by marketing its sustainable human energy and in-home massage products to consumers in the athletic, healthcare and personal wellness markets. For more information, visit www.tptherapy.comImage


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