Cool Point on the World Stage


This weekend will be a seminal weekend for Trigger Point Performance and Cool Point, the original hand cooler, as World Champions and Trigger Point Performance Sponsored athletes will compete this Saturday to defend their title. Conrad Stoltz and Melanie McQuaid won the 1st ever ITU Cross Tri Worlds last year in their division in Spain, now they’re back and ready to take the titles again in Pelham, Alabama.

Conrad and Melanie will be wearing an innovative device this weekend that will help give them the edge in the hot weather expected on location. This device is called Cool Point from Trigger Point Performance.

Cool Point is an innovative product that keeps athletes cooler by reducing the mental and physical stress that heat places on the body.

“We are cooling the body to regulate the mind,” said Trigger Point CEO Cassidy Phillips, “In the world of sport, heat is one of the elements we all have trouble dealing with. Once fatigue sets in, effects are irreversible and slowing down is imminent. Personally, I no longer have to worry about if the conditions are going to get me; all I have to do is worry about my training.”

Conrad and Melanie have been using Cool Point as a strategy in preparing for this event and will continue to take advantage of it in the actual race.

The Trigger Point team has been working with experts around the country to perfect an ergogenic aid to exercise. Trigger Point has built a reputation for performance technology that athletes use before and after exercise, and with Cool Point, Conrad and Melanie will have the opportunity to use the most cost-effective personal cooling device on the market to push them ahead.

Conrad was available for comment before a previous race regarding Cool Point and had this to say, “A lot of our XTERRAs are very, very hot—we race in Alabama, we race in Las Vegas, we race in Richmond, Virginia, and of course here in Maui in Hawaii. So staying cool and keeping the core temperature down is very, very important and the key strategy to my racing success.”

It’s safe to say Conrad and Melanie are counting on the Cool Point to give them the edge to defend their World Champion titles this weekend.

For more information about Cool Points, visit .

About Trigger Point Performance:  Trigger Point Performance is a life-enhancing brand concentrating on empowering people with revolutionary methodologies and patented products that maintain, regulate and stimulate the muscular movement of the human body.  Our mission is to provide the most practical style of products, education and therapy to be used by anyone in need of a lifestyle change, performance enhancement or general wellness.  Trigger Point Performance has successfully become the leaders in personal performance care by marketing its sustainable human energy and in-home massage products to consumers in the athletic, healthcare and personal wellness markets. For more information, on all of the Trigger Point Performance products,

Cool Point is available at

Find out more about Conrad Stoltz at

Find out more about Melanie McQuaid at


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