Sponsorship Profile: Tri Zones Training Athlete, Heather Herrick

The Trigger Point Performance Sponsorship Program sponsors athletes and teams of all levels.  While we sponsor a number of elite world champions, we have just as much pride for those athletes who are just getting their feet wet and love to see them progress in their racing and training as well.

Tri Zones Training is an Austin-based triathlon training program.  While the coaches of Tri Zones have helped many women and men begin their triathlon training, there is structured to help the athletes move on to their next level of competition.  Training for these events not only takes confidence, dedication, and commitment, but special attention to properly preparing and recovery the body before and after workouts.

HImageeather Herrick has been a Tri Zones athlete for a number of years, starting with sprint distance triathlons and then moving up to doing two full Ironmans. Heather keeps an active blog with training and race details called, http://windypossibilities.blogspot.com/ Recently she shared how she started working out and how the Trigger Point Performance TP Massage Ball and Grid Revolutionary Foam roller has kept her moving and avoiding injury.

“In 2002 I was getting a little pudgy after starting my first desk job, so I joined a gym and my morning swims happened to coincide with the triathlon group’s swims. They talked me into working out with them and I claimed “I’ll work out with you all, but I’ll never do a triathlon, that’s for real athletes”. I thought that was completely appropriate since I couldn’t run a mile and I didn’t even own a bike. Less than a year later, I finished my first sprint distance triathlon and had a blast! I said “ok, I’ll do sprint tris but nothing longer, running more than 3 miles is just crazy”. Since then, I have done over 30 triathlons including 9 Olympic distance, 7 half iron distance and even 2 Ironmans! I have also finished 7 half marathons and 1 full marathon. Lesson learned- Never say Never! I am not the fastest triathlete, but I have a lot of fun and I really enjoy the camaraderie of the triathlon community.

“I first saw Trigger Point products at the Austin Marathon expo in 2008, soon after, my husband bought me the Trigger Point Kit. My favorite Trigger Point tool is the TP ball because it’s so versatile, I use it on my piriformis, calves, and feet. I got a TP grid a few months ago and it is quickly becoming a favorite as well. I love the grid for my tight quadriceps and IT band problems. I have always had issues with IT band syndrome and tight calves. I believe using the Trigger Point tools has helped me avoid serious injuries in these areas for over 4 years.”

For more information on using the TP Massage Ball to address Heather’s favorite areas, check out Trigger Pont Performance: Better Body Biomechanics, where Founder and CEO Cassidy Phillips demonstrates the dramatic changes in biomechanics that can quickly be made using Myofasical Compression Technique.


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