XTERRA East Championship

Richmond, VA will celebrate the 14th year of XTERRA racing this weekend in Richmond, VA. It will be a super-hot weekend for those athletes looking to compete in the XTERRA Fugitive 10k trail run, the XTERRA Richmond half-marathon trail run, free kids races, the Paul Mitchell Cut-a-thon to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, and two off-road triathlons – a half-distance XTERRA Sprint race (perfect for newcomers) and the XTERRA East Championship.

Two Trigger Point Performance athletes will be racing to Outrun the Heat™ with the help of the newly released Cool Point, the original hand cooler. Both Conrad “The Caveman” Stoltz and Melanie McQuaid will be competing with other top level off-road triathlon pros by completing the 1,000 meter swim, 32k mountain bike, and 10k trail run. Though it is not his “secret weapon” anymore, Stoltz gives his tips to keep from overheating in Richmond’s 94-degree temperature.

XTERRA East Championship TV

Racers from all over are agreeing that the coolest trend in triathlons is the Cool Point, including Olympian Sarah Haskins, Ben Collins, and numerous other pro triathletes!

Join the movement, help us spread the word! Share these links with your team, athletes, facebook friends, and fellow racers so they can find out the pro’s top secret for excelling in the heat!


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