Olympic Athletes- Achieving Excellence by Preparing Properly

ImageWith the conclusion of the Olympic Games, the world saw inspiring and unbelievable athleticism in each sport.  Trigger Point Performance is exceptionally proud and delighted to know that our products helped keep many of the athletes perform at their best at the highest level of competition possible.  These top competitors spend hours training for their sport, work with elite coaches, and must have focus, dedication, and determination to reach that competitive level.   Becoming an Olympic athlete isn’t just about training though- elite level athletes know the value of proper preparation and recovery.  These athletes know that at this level, small factors like feeling loose and fluid can make the difference that will get them on the podium.

While we know that many may never aspire to be Olympians, the lessons of diligence and self-care can be applied to your daily life.  Whether you are a triathlete, Cross Fit regular, or want to make sure you can continue daily walks with your four-pawed pal, being conscious of properly taking care of your body will make sure you are able to continue to do what you love.  Preparing for activity includes eating healthy, whole foods, hydrating early and often, and addressing your muscles to make sure they are capable of the demands of you place upon them.   

You can address your muscles on a daily basis, in the same way a massage therapist would, by using Trigger Point Performance products.  Each product has been designed to specifically address the muscles of your body.    We recommend addressing your muscles both before and after your workouts to increase blood flow, tissue tolerance, and promote positive biomechanics. 


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