Live from New York! UFC Gym Gets GRID X.

I’m flying back from New York City—slightly sweaty and still energized from my morning TP Boxing Class at UFC Gym, FIDI in Manhattan. Granted, I could have taken 10-minutes to hop in the shower, but I am slightly addicted to the new GRID X and decided to spend that time rolling out my quads. I’m glad I did otherwise this 4-hour plane ride would have crippled me and I’d miss my morning WOD with our pals at CrossFit Central.

At TriggerPoint HQ, we are an active group. Each and every Friday, HQ will give you a glimpse into what we’ve got cooking. Trust me—with Austin summer upon us it is always something hot and spicy!

UFC Gym Gets GRID X (and yes, it’s a hashtag too).
15 of New York City’s most influential health, fitness and lifestyle editors joined TriggerPoint and our friends from UFC Gym FIDI to meet the GRID X. After a 10-minute total body Pre-Generation with the GRID X, our tissue was supple and ready for our dynamic boxing warm-up; 20 minutes of bag crushing intervals and 10-minutes of core work followed by a total body Re-Generation on the GRID X to start the recovery process.
I’ll bet they’ll all get on the GRID X first thing in the morning and continue the share the GRID X love.
You can get a GRID X on or at any of our retail partners. Interested in TP Boxing? Find a UFC Gym near you today! Most offer a free first class.

10425367_10152973069906758_8402532164825326968_n          GRIDXRollout

2014 AFM FITTEST presented by TriggerPoint
This Saturday (June 7) is the big event! Join TriggerPoint and support athletes of all levels celebrate health, fitness and fun at Camp Mabry in Austin.

This community event is perfect for competitive folks—one man and one woman from each age group will be crowned “the Fittest” and profiled in Austin Fit Magazine’s August issue—and also great for anyone looking to have a good time with fitness-minded friends.
There is also a Team Competition and TriggerPoint will represent in the corporate category. We may not win, but we are definitely contenders for “best mobility” and “injury-free fitness.” Be sure to watch our progress (or regress) on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for being interested in TriggerPoint and staying part of our family. Have an active weekend!
In health,




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