Coach Carey’s Take on Preventing Injuries

Want to know a secret to getting stronger and preventing injury?


Ok, ok, while this secret may not be news to you, but it was news to me about ten years ago, when I first discovered the super-powers of mobilizing before, after and not even around workouts i.e., anytime!.

I was first introduced to TriggerPoint™ Performance Therapy equipment via a DVD back in 2005, while I was pregnant with my daughter.

A rep from the Austin-based startup company came by the gym for an informal information session on the concept of warming up the muscles by rolling out with the TriggerPoint system before hitting a WOD.

I remember thinking, ‘hmm…that’s neat’, but not really doing much else with the information, more than just acknowledging it.

(This was long before Kelly Starrett had coined the word “mobility”, mind you).

Then, as fate would have it, four years later, at the 2009 CrossFit Games in Aroma’s, TriggerPoint somehow managed to find its way back into my life—this time as an actual tool onsite, available to the competitors to use as they wish.

While the concept of mobility was still relatively new, and not necessarily seen as the necessity it is today, I took advantage of the QuadBaller and GRID foam roller on site between workouts and while standing around waiting for the next heat.

It was then that the amazing superpowers of mobility began to really shine through, and I realized there was definitely something magical about the release of tight tissue for squatting lower, pressing heavier weight overhead, jumping higher, and even running faster.

Since then, I’ve been hooked….and as a coach, I believe my athletes should be too!

After this discovery, we, at CrossFit Central, have been using the TriggerPoint system and were actually some of the first CrossFit affiliates that began tapping into pre and post-WOD mobility. For the past six years now that I have incorporated TriggerPoint as a part of my program—not an option—I have continued to experience enhanced recovery from my training and prevention of what otherwise could be known as ‘body breakdown.’

Rolling out on a TP Massage Ball or GRID allows all the lactic acid build up in your tissues to release, and gives way for the continuation of exercise.

The TriggerPoint system specifically targets six specific trigger points—your Psoas, Pectoral muscles, Quads, Soleus, Piriformis and Illotibial Band in order to allow the fluidity of movement and increased workloads our daily lives demand—from Olympic lifting and PR-ing your Fran time to the ‘simple things in life’ such as cleaning the house, traveling on airplanes and desk siting.

Yes, I did say, ‘desk sitting.’

Mobility is a huge part in just the everyday act of living!
You may not be moving or exercising, but you are still susceptible to tight tissue (maybe even more so!).

Did you know the average American sits for 8-hours per day? Think about it. Another 7 or 8-hours is devoted to sleeping (sedentary). Which then leaves roughly about 8-hours of movement.

While you may not be the ‘average American’, and may be fairly active during those 8-hours of movement (perhaps training for 1-2 hours of that, and then walking to and from there and everywhere!), you and I live in a society that is definitely more sedentary than the days of old when mankind hunted the land for food and labored and toiled on the soil.
Translation? We are prone to getting tight and stiff!

And I have found that I actually need mobility MORE when I am not moving. Like when I am traveling, or stuck in a car (in traffic), or taking a rest day.

Rolling out helps to relax that tissue, prevent tense muscles, and even sleep better.

As an athlete, coach and everyday human, I cannot thank TriggerPoint enough for the enlightenment they’ve been not only in my life, but my clients’ lives and training.

I am happy to say that TriggerPoint has been a sponsor for the CrossFit Central athletes and teams, as well, over the years, and we genuinely appreciate their support.

Mobilize on!

Author: Carey Kepler

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