Consumer Testimonial

Meet Marybeth Iduox, a woman who uses TriggerPoint products in her every day life. She reached out to us to share her story. Hope its an inspiration to you as it has been to us here at TriggerPoint Performance Therapy.

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Born and raised in Overland Park, KS went to the University of Kansas (go Jayhawks) and was a track & field athlete graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and later with a Masters in Sports Studies.  I am an All-Conference and All-American Shot-Putter, haha – I know I don’t look like it because over the past few years I have deflated a bit.   After my athletic career I was an assistant track coach for 10 years at The University of Michigan (throws), The University of Colorado (Throws and pole vault) and The University of Kansas (multi events).  For the past 13 years I have been working at the YMCA of Boulder Valley (Senior Aquatic Director) and the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region (Operations Director).


For my future I want to get back to coaching NCAA track and field. With my initial attack of MS and leaving me partially paralyzed  I had lost the ability to demonstrate the throwing techniques. Over the past few years I have regained the coordination and strength needed to demonstrate the  throwing technique so I am pretty excited to continue my coaching career. It will be an uphill battle to pop into that NCAA bubble again but trying is half the battle, at least that is what I am telling myself.


Alissa was so awesome she sent a package that included the cold roller which I have been wanting to try. I used it tonight for the first time so it will be interesting tomorrow to see how I feel because I am going through a flair up , my partial paralysis is creating my right leg to be weaker than “normal”.  When I have those days I end up rolling a lot (3-5 times) so I can reactivate my right leg muscles so it’s not so painful or weak.  So far my muscles feel great, the cold roller is amazing. The cold roller will be going to work with me tomorrow and to my track camp on Thursday so I can show it off to the coaches (they are excited). I am also bringing my former athletic trainer in July to host my “Workout Recovery Workshop” and will be showing her the Cold Roller, she is also excited.  DeAnn Koehler is the Athletic Trainer for UT Volleyball now but I am so lucky I was an athlete and student-athletic trainer under her because her techniques,  out of the box thinking and understanding of how to train and recover the body is why I am walking today.  She uses the GRID foam roller with her athletes and that is why I switched to your roller, which has made the difference.


Coincidences – about 6 months after I started to us the GRID foam roller is when I noticed I could demonstrate the throwing techniques again. I would like to say it was a lot of hard work but I am pretty stoked I have found some tools that help me fight the good fight.


Facebook page, I am the one who is showing kids how to throw stuff. This is the clinic my friend and I started in 2001, it’s important to give back to a sport that has given me so much. This year we started an older group (7th-9th grade) so it’s been exciting to get back to the technical side of a throwing event  –   



Thank you so much for allowing me to tell my story and an even bigger thanks for all at TriggerPoint for making a positive impact in my life.



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