CrossFit Loves the GRID X!

Meet Chelsea McKinney; an avid user of our GRID X. She shares with us how important it is to her and her workouts to rollout those tight muscles.

Whether I’m training for the CrossFit games, or just trying to stay fit and active, recovery is very important. I spend so much time lifting, running, jumping, etc. in the gym and TriggerPoint allows me to mobilize the muscles that I work so I don’t tighten up or hurt myself. I love what I do and it is super important to stay on top of my mobility so I can come back in the next day and do it again! The new GRID X is currently my favorite product!

I was super thankful for my new Grid X today! After yesterday’s weighted mile run, snatches, push jerks and 200 double undres – there was no way I would have been ready for  today’s mile run and 24″ box jumps (roughly half my height) without a little GRID X attention on my calves!

blog pic



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