YMCA Boulder and Marybeth

If you don’t remember we heard from Marybeth, a lover of our products a couple of months ago. Twelve years ago she was diagnosed with MS. She’s a former NCAA track and field athlete from Kansas and relied heavily on her background of education as a student-athlete and years of coaching NCAA to begin her long road back to recovery.  Today she still has a limp on the right side, and has been using her GRID foam roller to activate her right hamstring so that she can function “normally” throughout the day. Because of her diligence in using our products, she is stronger and fitter than before she was diagnosed with MS.

Here’s an update on how Marybeth has been doing:

So I made the move from the YMCA in Boulder to the University of Arizona Recreation Center – still with aquatics but how fun! I brought all of my programs I did in the Y to Arizona and they are loving them. I took the Hockey Club team through my class – Hydro Training -(its plyometrics or jump training in the water) and I used the GRID foam rollers to warm up the muscles and the balance pods to do a little neurological work to connect the brain to the muscles. The team loved the foam rollers!  it was funny because I wasnt really set up to have 25 players for a class but they made do and shared. Probably in the next few weeks I will be making an order for the hockey team, my class and then I believe the fitness department will also get some products as well. Thank you TriggerPoint for all that you do to help improve my daily mobility.

roller 1

roller 2




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