We love sharing our customer testimonials!  Here are a few of our favorites.  If you are a Trigger Point customer and have something you would like to share, please email a few lines to info@tptherapy.com with the subject ‘Testimonial.’

Athlete Testimonials:

Emmanuel Arceneaux, #16 for the Minnesota Vikings, recently said this about using Trigger Point Therapy: “I was introduced to Trigger Point Performance while training down in Bradenton, FL at IMG Academies. The product worked wonders by loosening up tissue and hitting points I didn’t even know exist. Trigger Point Performance also has the luxury of hitting all areas from head to toe. I promise you that anyone who decides to use the product won’t have any complaints and feel a difference soon as they take it out of the box.”

Tyrone McKenzie, Offensive Linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, takes on his Trigger Point Therapy kit. “As an athlete you are always looking to better yourself in every aspect. Many times players forget the preparation it takes before the performance on the field. Trigger Point has helped me to be on all cylinders for practices and before games so that I can perform at a high level. I will continue to utilize Trigger Point to bring great success to my career

Da’Rel Scott is new Running Back for the New York Giants. The New York Giants selected Scott with the 221st overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Giants general manager Jerry Reese said, “We took a flyer on the guy because he is big and fast… We hope this guy develops into a Willie Parker, one of those kinds of things.” At the NFL Combine, Scott ran the 40-yard dash in 4.34 seconds, the fastest time recorded by any of the participating running backs.

While going through the rigors of football training, practices and games the most important thing an athlete can do is take care if their body. One technique that I have used for years to take care of my body was using a foam roller to stretch and to loosen up any tight muscles. An issue I always had with foam rollers was that they are kind of clunky, and because of their shape they did not always get deep enough in my muscles to loosen them up properly. The Trigger Point Massage Tools solved this problem quickly and easily. Rather than just one big clunky foam roller you get an entire kit of tools that are designed to stimulate your muscles. The first time I used the Trigger Point Massage Tools was at a football camp, I could not believe how quickly my muscles loosened up and how good I felt. Within minutes I went from being stiff and tight to feeling like I was ready to take the field! Since that day I have gotten my own kit and I use it every day.

Wide Receiver Maurice Stovall of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers takes a break from using Trigger Point Therapy to pose for a photo. Maurice says of Trigger Point: “Trigger point Therapy is extremely helpful. It enables me to stay loose for workouts and practice. I spend less time at the massage parlor, and more time with my Trigger Point Therapy.”

We found NFL Cleveland Browns Defensive Lineman Ahtyba “Tuba” Rubin recently using a U6 Kit! Rubin, who is shown here using his Trigger Point Therapy kit, led defensive tackles in the NFL last year in tackles for losses. Rubin says of Trigger Point Therapy, “I use Trigger Point as Pregeneration before all my workouts. It makes my muscles feel loose before I do my dynamic warm up.”

“Trigger point gives you a lot of confidence because you feel like you have hit all the areas that you don’t normally get to. When your body feels great, it helps you focus on just playing the game and that’s what it is all about. Trigger Point will help you get the feeling you need to perform at a high level.” –Dunta Robinson, the NFL Atlanta Falcon’s Starting Cornerback. Dunta recently took on Trigger Point at IMG Academies.

“All athletes want to feel good before facing great competition, and Trigger Point will have you as confident as a lion, searching for his prey.” -Titus Young, second round pick for the Detroit Lions from Boise State. Titus recently worked out with Trigger Point Therapy at IMG Academies

My name is Wladimir Azevedo, I am 39 years old and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Nowadays I am preparing for Ironman Brazil (May 2011). It will be my first Ironman. As I posted in your Facebook profile, I have been using my Trigger Point kit since I found out about it from an Ironguides recommendation.

I have been using these tools at least twice a week, mainly after my strength training of cycling and after my long training of running and cycling. I noticed that these [TP] routines have been speeding up my recovery, especially with the release to my muscular strength and to be prepared for the next day training.

I’m really impressed with the results and I have to say THANK YOU !!!

I wish I had more time to make the daily use of these tools with the routines presented in your website. Unfortunately, your products are not found in Brazil. I bought my “Ultimate 6 kit + U6 Guidebook” on my last trip to the United States.”

-Wladimir Azevedo

“Racing one Ironman per month, combined with a full-time job is challenging.  There is not much time for massages or PT visits.  Through the use of Trigger Point tools, I have been able to stay injury-free and get my tissue to recover faster.  These tools have been a key to racing successfully all year.”

-Stephan Schwarze, Ironman competitor, Kona Qualifier

“I met Cassidy at the White Rock Marathon expo on Saturday afternoon.  He worked on my piriformis that had caused problems for several years.  I ran the relay the next day without pain for the first time in months.”

-Nancy Crang

I ran collegiately at the University of Tampa (graduated in 2005), but was never really aware of the importance of massage and definitely not aware of the existence of Trigger Point until I came to work/coach for Rogue Running in 2009.  I first learned how to use Trigger Point in order to teach it to the runners that I was coaching, as we have a stockpile of kits here in our training room for everyone’s use. Of course I could instantly see/feel the benefit and used the kits pretty regularly myself.

Towards the end of that year I became more focused on my own competitive running again and joined Team Rogue Elite. We were each given a TP kit and it quickly became something that I use religiously, just about every day.  My competitive focus is on the 2012 Olympic marathon trials, and I’m not just putting in 100+ mile training weeks, but also working full time and coaching. The majority of my work time is spent sitting at a computer – all of these things combined result in incredibly tight hip flexors, low back issues, psoas issues, etc. I really feel that I’ve been able to keep any serious issues at bay due to regular TP use – it’s amazing the difference that 10 minutes of TP can make at the end of a training/work day!

We were lucky enough to have a full instructional seminar with Cassidy a few weeks ago, as I definitely learned a handful of new techniques (and corrected some of my incorrect techniques. I always make sure that every runner I coach knows how to utilize Trigger Point, and as soon as any of them try it, they are sold. Those who are good about it, and especially those who purchase a kit for home, are always far less injury prone. […] That is basically my experience with Trigger Point! It’s absolutely essential to my competing on this level, but I would say it’s equally beneficial to pretty much anyone, athlete or not.

Allison Macsas, Rogue Training Systems Coach, 2012 Olympic Hopeful

I just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know how great your products are.  We purchased the Total Body Package on-site in Madison.  After finishing the IM (in some pretty horrible conditions) we gave our legs a good ‘once over’ that night and the next morning.  We were walking virtually pain-free on Monday.  Thanks for aiding in our very quick recovery.  We will definitely be packing the TP Massage Ball and other products next spreing as we venture to IM Coeur d’ Alene.  Best Regards.

-Marc E. Seaverson, Ironman Wisconsin Finisher

I am in the military and my duties require that I put lots of stress on my legs. Miles of walking and running and traversing hilly or mountainous terrain. About 2 years ago, I began having severe sciatic pain and eventual numbness in my left leg to the point that I was unable to walk. The military doctors (orthopedic and neurosurgeons) could not find a reason for my condition They initially believed that I was faking my injury until I had to get into a verbal confrontation with the neurosurgeon. I was told that they were unable to help me and to come back for a follow up when the nerve was damged to the point that I had “foot drop” in order for me to be processed out of the Navy. I would not accept that as an answer.

I researched other causes of sciatica and it only took about 15 minutes for me to come up with the possibility of a pirifomis related condition. At this point I had spent thousands at chiropractors, and had seen military docotors numerous times. I purchased a traditional foam roller and got some relief but unfortunately the foam roller wore out quickly and I wound up purchasing one every 4-5 weeks with the amount use it was getting. Traditional foam rollers would get “deep” the first few time i used them but then they would not hit the trigger points in the piriformis that would alleviate my pain.

Then I found your products. I saw them on youtube, and a co-worker had bought an Ultimate 6 kit that he let me use for a few days while we were on a training trip. I have never experienced such deep penatration into the tissue as I did with your products. Upon returning home I immediately went to the retailer (Running Etc. in Virginia Beach, Va) and purchased your products, the Grid, Quadroller, and TP ball. I am so impressed with the results that I plan on purchasing the Footroller, 2 more TP balls and your educational videos. I may never be completely relieved of my piriformis related sciatica but thanks to your products I feel I will always be able manage my condition to do my job. The Grid is durable enough to last longer than any traditional foam roller, plus I realized that the Quadballer fits inside the grid to add structural stability and to it and really allows me to utilize it to its full potential. The TP ball gets deeper into my piriformis than an foam roller or even massage therapist ever has. The Quadballer allows me to release all of the tension in my legs built up from long days of walking while carrying 80 pounds of additional equipment.

Your products are literally life changing. I would not be able to do my job without them. Thank you to each and every one of you at Trigger Point Perfomance.


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