Ultimate Six Cert


Trigger Point’s most recent U6 class took place at CrossFit BWI in Maryland. Everyone who was in attendance left with a new understanding of the TP tools and methodologies. Each person learned how treating the muscles on a daily bases will help to treat and eliminate pain and discomfort in the muscles.

The rain and chill in the air did not hinder any of the participants. Many of the class attendees, including the instructor, participated in a crossfit workout before the first day of class. The class found out how the trigger point tools will influence their recovery first hand after their workout that morning.
Everyone was great at participating and contributing their skills to the learning process.  Having such a good blend of talented and committed people in one place helped everyone learn more.

Trigger Point wants to thank Ryan Thompson, owner of CrossFit BWI, and all who attended the class for their participation and enthusiasm.


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